Staff and Governance - Who’s who?

Being a small school, we benefit from a close working relationship with the children, providing a very relaxed and comforting environment for your child to grow.


Our Executive Headteacher, working across Hilltop Infant and Hilltop Junior School is Mrs Karen Mackenzie.

Executive Headteacher

Head of School

Mrs K Mackenzie

Mr D Chapman

Teaching Staff


Mrs L Boroughs

Mrs R Marsh

Pupil Premium

Mrs H Bouwer

Miss M Field

Mrs N Lee

Ms J O'Connor

Mrs M Neve

Miss C Kennedy

Mrs J Ready






Support Staff

Mrs B Bagridge

Mrs K O'Brien


Mrs S Bennett


Mrs S Burman


Mrs T Cox


Mrs J Crocker


Mrs C Doe

Mrs S Thompson



Mrs S Hoskin



Administrative Staff

Mrs V Adkins

Mr P Ashman

Mrs N Alsford

Mrs Y Webb

Midday, Catering and Premises Staff

Miss N Andrews

Mrs L Cox

Mr P Ashman

Mrs G Davis

Mrs S Cattley

Miss M Foot

Mr J Girling

Miss J Morley

Mrs J Johnson

Miss A Morley

Miss S Poole

Mrs C Parmenter


Local Advisory Board

For information about the structure of our Governance and details of the Members and Directors of the HEARTS Academy Trust please see here


Hilltop Infant School has a supporting and challenging Local Advisory Board, consisting of members of the local community, Parents and Staff.

Local Advisory Board

Chris Cheswright

Rosemary Lunn

Paul Strange

Alison Waite

Ann Leech

Karen Mackenzie

Steve Thorogood

Christina Walter



Hilltop Infant School

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